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Tannaz Warren - Licensed Esthetician
  (415) 225-3498
Eminence Organic Skincare
EminenceOrganic Skin care treats your senses and skin to an exotic skin care bringing together high quality Hungarian ingredients with an old knowledge of herbs, fruits and essences.  The ingredients are organically grown and picked in Hungry.
Glow and Go Facial
An express treatment that gives a boost to the skin. Hungarian cleanser, organic scrub and hand made fruit masque will leave your skin beautiful. Includes a hand treatment.
25 minutes     $50
Bed of Roses Facial
An exclusive facial for inflamed, reactive, sensitive, courperose skin.  The petals from two dozen Bulgarian roses are hand crushed to give the exclusive oil to calm and sooth. Rosehips gently exfoliate while seven herbs and carrot vitamin treatments reduce redness.  Menthol quince apple serum heal and linden calendula restore balance.  Includes eye and hand treatment.
60 minutes     $85
Eight Green and Anti-Aging Facial
The phyto hormones found in eight herbs stimulate collagen and normalize hormonal breakouts.  Includes black plump organic naseberry to erase fine lines and hand made serums renew the skin.  Includes eye and hand treatment.
60 minutes     $85
Sun Burn Relief
An oxygenating facial to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.  Parsley evens the complexion, cucumber tones and purifies, while honey nourishes and moisturizes.  The skin's oxygen intake levels are increased allowing detoxification and cellular repair.  Includes eye and hand treatment.
60 minutes     $80
Sun Lovers Facial
This lovely oxygenating treatment utilizes hand made crop masques and whips to even the skin tone and heal damaged skin.  Licorice serums lighten, organic calendula calms, and lemon balances.  Includes eye and hand treatment.
60 minutes     $80
Acne Treatment
This treatment includes alpha-hydroxy fruit acid layered with spicey paprika which will bring all the blood to the surface of the skin (to detoxify the impurities as it exfoliates the epidermis) to restore and repair damage from premature aging.  This treatment also calms overactive sebaceous glands.  A little heat is worth the amazing results you will receive from this facial.
60 minutes     $90
European Repair Facial
This full service facial starts with a skin analysis and treatment recommendation.  Deep pore cleansing is achieved by utilizing the latest enzyme peeling with steam in order to melt any surface impurities.  Light extractions are performed (if needed) followed by a personalized repair ampoule for the face, neck, and décolleté.  The entire area is treated to stimulating and firming anti-stress massage.  The complementing mask in applied followed by a lovely hand treatment.  The finishing touch includes a power repair moisturizer with sunscreen.
60 minutes     $75
Exfoliating Mini-Peel Treatment
This is an aggressive and effective exfoliating Hibiscus flower acid (which includes glycolic and salicylic acid) that accelerates dead cell removal. This peel will give the skin an immediately silky texture, smoothing fine lines while balancing oily secretion.  This treatment lightens hyper-pigmentation and hydrates while rendering the skin radiant. 
25 minutes     $60
Caviar Fusion Facial
This treatment revitalizes, hydrates and firms the skin through a combination of the latest advances in skin care and a nourishing fusion of rich botanicals.  Vegetable botox, crushed pearls and marine caviar are layered together for deep penetration and anti-aging repair
50 minutes     $90
Luminous "C" and Sea Facial
Revitalize your skin with a C facial.  After deep pore cleansing, a potent stabilized Vitamin C remedy is applied followed by a lift-off seaweed mask.  This treatment reduces fine lines and restores a youthful appearance rendering the skin nothing but luminous.
60 minutes     $80
Rosacea RS2 Facial
This facial is designed specifically for any skin with microsurculation problems, rosacea, acne rosacea, and hyper sensitive skin conditions.  RS2 is a powerful treatment that combines highly comforting and healing ingredients such as licorice, chamomile, green tea and French rose.  This combination brings visible results to dilated cappilaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability.  Your skin is renewed as it's surfaces are decongested, soothed and hydrated.  To maintain and even maximize the benefits, home care in RS2 rosacea skin care is available for purchase. 
60 minutes     $80
Anti-Aging Facial
This facial is specifically designed for mature aging skin.  The treatment utilizes heat-specific properties to promote rapid absorbtion of active ingredients.  A gentle AHA peel will smooth and refine the skins texture. You will then recieve a unique eye and lip treatment that combats the signs of aging by softening the skin and restoring plumpness while fading the appearance of fine lines.   
50 minutes     $80
Floral Garden Body Wrap
A deeply relaxing warm aromatic treatment utilizing essential oils to cleanse your body of every day toxins such as smoke and pollution stimulating your body's own ability to release stress and restore peace.   
60 minutes     $120
Aroma Loofah Salt Glow
An invigorating deep cleansing of the skin is achieved by a gentle massage of sea salt, aromatherapy oils and is followed by an application of our hydrating moisturizers.   
60 minutes     $120
Back Treatment
A special treatment that gets the skin on your back ready to show off!  Paprika exfoliates while clay or mud purify.  Organic fruits and body treatment herbs rebalance the skin.  Your back will glow going from an area you can't reach but now others will want to touch. Great for everyone. Teens, Women, Men, pre-prom, pre- wedding... the reasons are endless.   
60 minutes     $120
       * Note: A 24 hour cancellation policy is required